For the people in your life that love to throw parties or just be the party, these gifts will be loved by all. From elegant hosting pieces to eclectic and fun items, all products are as beautiful as they are unique.

1. This METAL CANDLE HOLDER is unique, elegant, and under $50! A perfect gift for anyone that loves hosting dinner parties.

2. This TERRAFLAME GEO FIREBOWL is the beauty of a fireplace without the mess. Although it’s not large enough to provide heating, it’s the perfect size to add instant ambiance and even roast marshmallows.

3. For the fun and eclectic entertainer, these GOLD LEAF PILL COASTERS will be the talk of the party!

4. These HANDMADE CERAMIC CONTAINERS come in a variety of colors and are the perfect size for tea bags, dips, snacks, succulents…the possibilities are endless!

5. This AGATE CHEESEBOARD has been one of my all time favorite gifts I’ve received. With a variety of colors, every cut is gorgeous and instantly adds to a tablescape or appetizer table.

6. These RAINBOW PLAYING CARDS are the perfect addition to any game night. Beautiful and designed by the art team Fredericks & Mae, this is a simple affordable gift that any host will love!

7. These GOLD CHEESE KNIVES add a touch of elegance to any spread or cheeseboard. Plus, they come with a guide noting each knife type and what cheeses to pair it with.

8. These GLASS STRAWS are just too fun! Instantly elevate any drink or cocktail with a these fun straws.

9. This CERAMIC COFFEE SERVER is perfect for any host that enjoys company morning, noon, and night. Coffee anyone?

10. This DRIED FLOWER CENTERPIECE is one of my favorite gifts this year. Available as ready made or custom centerpieces, you can truly create your own work of art and since they are dried flowers, they last the whole holiday season! They also ship anywhere in the U.S.

11. For the artistic and eclectic hostess, this COCKTAIL ARTIST INSPIRED BOOK is fun to use and display. With each crafted cocktail inspired by a modern or contemporary artist, this book will be the gift that keeps on giving!

12. This ACRYLIC ‘CONNECT 4’ GAME brings luxury to a classic family game night. This will be one game you’ll want to leave out for display rather than put away!