In honor of Black History Month, here are 8 awesome Black-owned businesses to shop this month and the whole year! These small business owners have some serious talent and many donate a portion of their profits to amazing organizations, such as Semicolon’s #Cleartheshelves, helping increase Chicago’s literacy rates!

Little Dot Studio – This Seattle based business creates personalized luggage tags, name plates, and more. All items come with custom options for the tag and strap colors, so you can travel or decorate in style!

Vakseen Art – Los Angeles Artist, Otha “Vakseen” Davis III is best known for his two distinct bodies of work: “Vanity Pop” and his “Pop Pop Icons” series. I found his artwork recently on Instagram and instantly became obsessed. His use of color and movement is incredible and every collection is just as impressive as the next.

Semicolon Bookstore – Semicolon is a Black woman-owned bookshop in Chicago. They have a range of books for all ages, from baby to adult. If you’re local, check out their amazing gallery space and store and if you’re outside of Chicago, they have an online shop! This bookstore caught my eye a few years ago when I heard about their #cleartheshelves campaign, working to increase Chicago’s literacy rates!

Mind the Cork – Contemporary eco-friendly products made of 100% cork! Did you know cork is biodegradable, renewable and recyclable? Designer and London based maker Jenny creates all of these products by hand, aiming to make the most of the world’s most underrated material.

Tal & Bert – Where industrial concrete meets raw materials. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tal & Bert was founded by Ray & Val Talbert and born by their love for mining and nature. Whether you’re looking for a candle or planter, all products are so unique and gorgeous. Talk about a perfect gift!

Nina Bombina Art – Joy filled and fun homeware and gifts, these candles bring a modern, edgy look to a traditional candle display. London based Nina, also sells cards, artwork, jewelry (see some examples below) that are all handmade!

Nina Bombina Art – Wanting to bring more diversity to the greeting card industry, Nina started designing cards during Covid. Her cards quickly began selling and she now creates artwork, jewelry and home decor also!

InBooze – Located in Grandville, Michigan, InBooze™ is owned by Ashleigh Evans, a mother of 4 and cocktail lover. In 2018, she wanted an easier (and healthier!) way for everyone to enjoy drinks at home. By infusing with simple fruits, spices and herbs, you know exactly what is in your cocktail!