Hey there!

Welcome to my colorful life! I’m Natasha – an artist, designer, and all around creative. Besides a strong cup of coffee, I’m fueled by playful palettes, eclectic style, and mixing old with new. I have an obsession with thrifting, but also an equal love for small business artisans. I’m a reality show and true crime junkie, but most of all, I love creating. From DIY projects, to thrifted finds, home decor, and travel tips, you’ll find a little bit of everything here, but most importantly – creative, attainable, budget savvy ways to make your home more YOU!

If a back story is what you’re after, here’s mine…

I am originally from the Midwest, but only recently moved back after my husband’s military service came to an end. During his Navy career, we lived overseas in Guam and later in California. In 2019, we returned to Chicago to settle down and start a family which now includes our doting pup Dexter and our adorable son Hawk.

While I’ve been an artist for years (Natasha Holland Studio), I have also held corporate positions in event planning, design, and travel. With a degree in Architecture and a life long adoration for art, I have been able to use my creativity in unique ways no matter where my career took me. However, this year I finally found an outlet to pour all of my passions into one place – this blog!

In fall 2020, I was laid off from my job in the travel industry due to Covid. With a newborn son and healing from a C-section, we decided to make some big moves! In December 2020, we traded in our city apartment and bought our first home (a Midcentury Modern) in the Chicago suburbs. As I began this new role as a mom, I felt extremely lost in my identity. However, as I embraced this new adventure (motherhood truly does change you for the better!), I also dove back into my creative side. From there, a new passion was born. As I sat each day and fed our son, I started redesigning corners of our house in my head. With half the income and now a baby schedule to work around, I became an expert at juggling projects, timelines, and budgets. With a little creativity, diy mindset, and mixing in thrifted finds, I found that I could accomplish my same design goals for a fraction of the budget…and without sacrificing quality.

I started this blog to showcase that your dream home can not only be an attainable and affordable reality, but also a true reflection of your own style and personality.